RIP:60 is a fitness program designed to change the way people look, feel and move, through progressive programming, constant motionversatile movements and the power of rotation. This body weighted suspension-style method of training consists of hundreds of both off and on-strap movements and relies upon the users own body weight for resistance, making it an optimal tool for any and all fitness levels to achieve many different fitness goals.

Rip:60 Class

1. Power of Rotation: The Rip:60 strap’s ability to rotate adds a vital component to suspended-style training. Following the successful formula of functional training, it is essential to our health that we are able to train the way we move in our daily activities. As any athlete can attest to, there is a tremendous amount of power that comes from rotation. As we strengthen the core muscles that enable us to rotate, we add a level of power to our training that will vastly improve our fitness levels. Whether the goal is to improve a specific athletic skill or to simply move more comfortably and confidently in daily activities; the ability to train with rotation is a necessary addition to a successful workout routine.

2. Progressive programming: Rip:60 is doable for even the most deconditioned club member while still being challenging for the highest level of professional athlete. The key to this range of user-ability is the progressive programming. Rip:60 starts new users with the most fundamental movement patterns, building strength, stability and flexibility; then proceeds to successfully build them up to where they can safely complete more complicated and challenging movements. Members are not only able to visibly see a difference in their overall health, they are also able to feel themselves become stronger, more flexible and more coordinated as they confidently and easily complete a movement they once found complicated and challenging.

Rip:60 class

3. Constant motion: A concept known as the “optimization zone” enables Rip:60 users to constantly perform the assigned movement pattern for a full allotment of time during a workout, without having to stop to rest or adjust the weight. All a user must do and he/she begins to fatigue is take a step backward or forward, increasing the angle of the body to the floor thus reducing the amount of resistance he/she is experiencing. With every adjusted step, the weight becomes doable until another adjustment must be made, meaning the user is getting the absolute most out of a workout in an allotted amount of time by staying in constant motion.

4. Versatile movements: There are literally hundreds of movement patterns possible with a Rip:60 training strap. These movement patterns can be directed toward strengthening the body, burning fat, toning specific areas, improving stability and flexibility, or, more than likely, a combination of some or all of these objectives. With thousands of movements that are able to be performed at a varying degree of difficulty, users will never outgrow Rip:60. There will always be a new challenging movement, or a more challenging angle to perform the movement at. Rip:60 users have found a tool that will keep them both challenged and entertained as long as fitness improvement remains a personal goal.

Integrating Rip:60 into a club setting gives club trainers a unique advantage in helping clients achieve a high level of fitness and also gives club members, of all fitness levels, another incredible tool and reason to reach their fitness goals with enjoyment, efficiency and without injury-caused pain.

Read the articles below to learn more about RIP:60 and how it will change the way you and/or your clients train. 

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