FreeMotion Fit

FreeMotionFit workouts are our free monthly web workout videos that are designed to target many different areas of fitness; including strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.  These workouts are programed to be versatile and fun through utilizing the FreeMotion Playground (all of the many tools available in a health club setting, such as the FreeMotion Incline Trainer, RIP:60 straps, med balls, kettlebells, the Dual Cable Cross, heavy ropes, etc.). People all around the world are performing these workouts, timing themselves and sending or posting their times. Join in the competition!

Regularly performing these high intensity workouts will greatly improve the way your body looks, moves and feels!  The creative movement patterns and variation will keep your body challenged from month to month, maximizing calorie burn and improving movement coordination.  Check out this month’s workout below and start getting FreeMotionFit today!

August 2012

Click here to see all the FreeMotionFit Workouts

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