RIP:60 in Australia UFC


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Outdoor Rip:60 Class

The convenient design of Rip:60 makes it easy to take your workout almost anywhere. Club Rip:60 trainers can take their entire Rip:60 small-group class outside to mix things up and have a great outdoor workout! If it is beautiful weather outside, take your Rip:60 trainer to a park or outdoor area where you are able to find a stable pole or tree to loop the strap around. Continue reading

Rip:60 Small Group Trainings

As Rip:60 spreads across the globe, club owners, members and trainers are seeing the tremendous benefits that this amazing program brings to their health clubs. Small group trainings, using the Rip:60 programming, are getting very positive attention and great member feedback. These small classes allow the trainer to give more attention to each individual in the class, using their Rip:60 education to make sure each member gets a highly effective and safe workout. Continue reading

Rip:60 in Bodytech Magazine

Freemotion’s Education Director, Jeremy Strom, was featured in this month’s Bodytech magazine, after the owners and trainers of Colombian health clubs were blown away by the amazing capabilities of Rip:60 and the tremendous opportunities the Rip:60 program offers to both clubs and trainers. Continue reading

Rip:60 with Biggest Loser

Our education director, Jeremy Strom, had the amazing opportunity to train a few of  last seasons biggest loser contestants using Rip:60. The energy at the training was phenomenal. Everyone walked away feeling inspired to either gain or maintain a higher fitness level. Continue reading