Outdoor Rip:60 Class

The convenient design of Rip:60 makes it easy to take your workout almost anywhere. Club Rip:60 trainers can take their entire Rip:60 small-group class outside to mix things up and have a great outdoor workout! If it is beautiful weather outside, take your Rip:60 trainer to a park or outdoor area where you are able to find a stable pole or tree to loop the strap around. Continue reading

Rip:60 Small Group Trainings

As Rip:60 spreads across the globe, club owners, members and trainers are seeing the tremendous benefits that this amazing program brings to their health clubs. Small group trainings, using the Rip:60 programming, are getting very positive attention and great member feedback. These small classes allow the trainer to give more attention to each individual in the class, using their Rip:60 education to make sure each member gets a highly effective and safe workout. Continue reading