The International Indoor Race Series Continues!

The International Indoor Race Series continues this month with virtual races in Chicago, Colorado, New Zealand and France! Register today at for your chance to compete and win some great prizes!

November iFit

International Indoor Race Series. Ready, Set, Race…

Join our friends at iFit and Outdoor Competitor for this indoor race series and your chance to win a car! Here’s how it works: course maps from around the world will be loaded on the iFIT FreeMotion treadmills and bikes. Racers will compete virtually with others from any of the participating race locations. Each month, there will be two courses to compete on. Awards will be mailed to a male and female winner in three age groups for each race course. At the end of 12 months, everyone that competed in 16 of the 24 races will be entered into a drawing for great prizes!

October iFIT

Races start October 6, 2014. Contact Roger Sargent for details:

Click HERE to learn more about the International Indoor Race Series!

Join FreeMotion at Canfitpro 2014 in Toronto Canada!

Come join FreeMotion Director of Education Natalie Vetica and FreeMotion Master Coach Tim Church as they present at Canfitpro in Toronto Canada from August 6-10, 2014! Don’t miss this amazing trade show!

Benefits of Live Axis

One of the great things about our Live Axis line is that it’s ADA compliant. There are no adjustments or pieces to move. ANYONE can use it and EVERYONE can benefit from it!

Here’s a class taught earlier this week in the United Kingdom by FreeMotion Master Coach Michael Yankey who has created a full wheelchair based Live Axis program for some of his clients! Nice job Michael! Keep up the good work!

Wallace Creek Fitness Center

Here’s some great shots of our EPIC Selectorized line and an overview picture of our strength line at the Wallace Creek Fitness Center at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. This is the largest Marine Corps facility in the USA and we’re pleased to have them training with FreeMotion!

Wallace Creek, Camp Lejeune, NC

Wallace Creek, Camp Lejeune, NC(2)